Alba Lazari

Alba LAZARÍ is more than a brand that gives name to the creations of designer Alba Rodal. Alba Rodal was born in Cangas de Morrazo, Spain and has always immersed herself in the arts. After graduating in Fine Arts she completed an MA in Textile Design and Technology followed by formal training in Graphic Design and Interior Design. Her career has always been linked to artistic design and creation and following her work as an interior designer she started her own brand, Alba LAZARÍ, a new creative project in the fashion world. Alba LAZARÍ was born from the combination of creativity and inspiration in various artistic disciplines. Her passion for the world of fashion and femininity is aimed to dress a bright and stylish woman.

11 results

Dress Irma 2 new
Short Henriette Green 1 new
Short Henriette Blue 1 new
Short Henriette White 1 new
Limonata Yellow 4 new
Limonata White 1 new
Riviera White 2 new
Riviera Blue 5 new1
Baroque Animato Yellow 4 new5pp
Baroque Animato White new1
Simmetria 4 newpp2
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